"After all, it was my poem. I made it. It was my own trumpet: and I knew the keys. If I were afraid to blow it, whom could I expect to do it for me? So I made a heaven of noise which is characteristic of my voice..."

~ George Lamming, The Pleasures of Exile

Poets and Writers

At Vocal Context, we run both group workshops and 1:1 sessions with those who engage regularly with their creative writing community through reading series. We know that reading your work aloud to an audience is not only a crucial networking opportunity and platform, but also essential for your artistic process.

Most poets and writers have had little or no training in speaking to an audience and it shows. It is a brave thing to simply be yourself and speak your words in front of people and most of us have created coping strategies or survival mechanisms for this that make us less effective or masks who we really are. Reading your own work should captivate and inspire an audience. How you move, stand, and speak can overpower or distract us from your words.

During your sessions we can provide you with straightforward and effective strategies for improving your confidence and ability  to speak at readings so that the audience experiences a memorable and more authentic sense of you and your work.