"Each time we speak, we reveal our nationality, disposition, attitudes, background, idiosyncrasies, familial traits and mannerisms. We carry our lives and childhoods in our voice and this is an important part of the armoury of any artist or any person who wishes to be heard." ~Fiona Shaw

Welcome to Vocal Context.

We are having a workshop this Sunday, Dec. 11, 2016 in NYC! Click here for all the info!


We use our voices to express ourselves, to communicate, and get what we want.

We offer straightforward and practical ways to unleash your vocal potential and make you a more effective and confident communicator in professional, artistic, and social settings.

Voicework is a foundation of empowerment that allows you to finally be heard and to be understood as the person you truly are.

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Remote Skype sessions are available for most of our services and we offer complimentary, 20 minute phone consultations to see if we are the right fit.